Jig Fixture & Automations

In order to improve manufacturing, we provide custom tools and jigs to enhance the efficiency of production and testing processes. Jigs provide repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in processes which improves product quality.

Some examples of jigs we have designed for our customers are:
  • Part locate fixtures for automated and manual processes
  • PCB funtioning test jigs
  • PCB Handling Pallet & Equipment
  • Machining and welding jig fixtures
  • Go No-Go jigs for product quality assurance
  • CMM Measurement Holding Jig
  • Leak test jigs for assembly verification
  • Label Automatic Printing Machine
  • Heat-Stacking Machine
  • Custom Steel & Aluminium Workstation
  • Vacuum handling equipment for robotic arm
  • XYZ 3 Axis Automatic Pick & Place Machine
  • Runner Gate Cutting Jig
  • Pneumatic Press Jig
  • Ionizer Fixture
  • Customize & Special Requiremnet Machine